A themer’s story


A themer’s story on the life of creating things for others to use like themes and icon packs. I will tell you what it is we do and some reasons why it takes us as long to create some of the things we create and why we can create some as quickly as we do.

Now some of us not all of us have jobs we go to everyday before we come home and work on our projects. We also have a wife and kids we’d like to spend time with and go out and have fun with. This is some of the reasons why what we are working on takes awhile before it’s released. Now that’s just some ideas on why it takes us awhile to create some of these projects. Some other reasons why it takes awhile is because of all the layers and layer styles that go into each icon. Some of use like using shapes when creating icons and some of use like to use the pen tool. Now the pen tool takes longer to create icons then the shapes do. This is because you have to know exactly what you’re doing when it comes to using the pen tool.

Now you may wonder where do we get our ideas for a new icon pack or theme. Well sometimes when we’re working on the project we’re working on ideas will pop up into our heads. Sometimes we’ll do a tutorial or see something that gives us a idea for a new theme or icon pack. Now coming up with ideas isn’t always easy to do sometimes we take a few days before we get a new idea for our next project.

Now when it comes to icon pack making and creating themes there’s a big difference and that includes time. With theme creating you just create a folder for each new icon and you have to know what to name that icon. Thank god someone created a app to help themers out with that. There are a lot of images when it comes to theming and you have to know how to navigate your iDevice just to find the images you want to theme, that’s not always easy to do I know because I’ve done it. Not only is there icon images and loading screen images there’s UI images which is the hard thing to get all of. Now when it comes to creating icon packs all you need to do it create your icons and alternative icons for others to use. Then you also have to find or create a dashboard to use for your icons so others can use them. You also have to have some coding knowledge and patience, both of these you must have or you won’t make it anywhere. This takes some time unless you have the code already. You have to take the time to set the dashboard up to your liking and you have to have the code for each apps icon. There are quite a bit of files for when it comes to the app icons code. Some dashboard creators have tried making it easier on icon pack creators by creating tools to help out with this.

Now each graphic designer will have their own story to tell when it comes to what they do. This is just my story I wanted to share with everyone, I wanted to let people know what we go through. There’s a lot of graphics designers who been at this for awhile and have a lot of experience and stories to tell. Feel free to share this story with your friends or ask me for a interview.


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