Minecraft MineCraft MINECRAFT!

Minecraft is a great game to calm nerves and to play if you’re bored. I love the game because there are so many different possibilities. What I mean by this is you can create a lot of things you didn’t think you could create in Minecraft. For ex. a working computer or smart phone, now this is just a few things you can do. Once you get the hang of Redstone anything is possible in Minecraft. Automatic farms, defenses and more. Not only does it keep you from getting bored but it teaches kids as well. There are so many servers you can play on that makes Minecraft even better. There’s texture packs and mods you can download and install which makes the game even better. They’re always adding something new which keeps you interested in the game. Now if you haven’t played Minecraft I recommend you give it a shot.


Stupid teenager challenges

So here’s what I have to say about these stupid teenager challenges. This tide pod challenge is completely stupid, your asking to die just by accepting this challenge. Now there’s the burner challenge, who ever is coming up with these challenges needs to be put into a mental hospital. When I was a teenager we never thought about doing something so stupid. We actually had a life we went out and done things. We didn’t sit inside all day playing video games or thinking of some stupid challenge to come up with. Parents need to make their kids go outside and have a life, like we did when we were kids.